Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Cozies

Whether you're looking for light reading to take on vacation or something to while away a hot summer afternoon, you can't go wrong with one of these cozies:

Allyson K. Abbott -- Shots in the Dark [Mack's Bar Mysteries #4]

Isabella Alan -- Murder, Handcrafted [Amish Quilt Shop #5]

Ellie Ashe -- A Novel Death [A Danger Cove Bookshop Mystery #10]

Juliet Blackwell -- A Toxic Trousseau [A Witchcraft Mystery #8]

Susan M. Boyer -- Lowcountry Book Club [Liz Talbot Mystery #5]

Laura Bradford -- Éclair and Present Danger [Emergency Dessert Squad #1]

Julia Buckley -- A Dark and Stormy Murder [A Writer's Apprentice Mystery #1]

Bailey Cates -- Spells and Scones [A Magical Bakery Mystery #6]

Maya Corrigan -- Final Fondue [Five-Ingredient #3]

Krista Davis -- The Diva Serves High Tea [Domestic Diva #10]

Kaitlyn Dunnett -- Kilt at the Highland Games [A Liss MacCrimmon Mystery #9]

Wendy Sand Eckel -- Death at the Day Lily Café [A Rosalie Hart Mystery #2] 

Kay Finch -- The Black Cat Knocks on Wood [Bad Luck Cat #2] 

A. Gardner -- Strawberry Tartlets & a Deadly Starlet [Poppy Peters Mysteries #4]

Betty Hechtman -- Gone with the Wool [A Yarn Retreat Mystery #4]

Anna Lee Huber-- As Death Draws Near [A Lady Darby Mystery #5]

Julie Hyzy -- Grace Sees Red [Manor House #7]

Katherine Bolger Hyde -- Arsenic with Austen [Crime with the Classics #1]

Mary Kennedy -- A Premonition of Murder [Dream Club #3]

Leslie Langtry -- Ukulele Murder [Aloha Lagoon Mysteries #1]

Victoria Laurie -- A Grave Prediction [A Psychic Eye Mystery #14]

Alice Loweecey -- Nun But the Brave [Giulia Driscoll Mystery #3]

Terrie Farley Moran -- Read to Death [Read 'Em and Eat Mystery #3]

Laura Morrigan -- Take the Monkey and Run [A Call of the Wilde Mystery #4]

Hannah Reed -- Dressed to Kilt [A Scottish Highlands Mystery #3]

Linda Wiken -- Toasting Up Trouble [A Dinner Club Mystery]

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Nominees for the 2016 Macavity Award

Looking for some great reads? These are works nominated by Mystery Readers International for the Macavity Award. Winners will be announced at Bouchercon in  New Orleans this September. Congratulations to all.

Best Mystery
Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton (Minotaur)
The Long and Faraway Gone by Lou Berney (Morrow)
The Hot Countries by Tim Hallinan (Soho)
The Child Garden by Catriona McPherson (Midnight Ink)
Life or Death by Michael Robotham (Mulholland)
The Cartel by Don Winslow (Knopf)

Best First Mystery
Concrete Angel by Patricia Abbott (Polis)
Past Crimes by Glen Erik Hamilton (Morrow)
The Killing Kind by Chris Holm (Mulholland)
Where All Light Tends to Go by David Joy (Putnam)
The Unquiet Dead by Ausma Zehanat Khan (Minotaur)
On the Road with Del and Louise by Art Taylor (Henery)

Best Critical/Biographical
The Golden Age of Murder: The Mystery of the Writers Who Invented the Modern Detective Story by Martin Edwards (HarperCollins)
A Is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie by Kathryn Harkup (Bloomsbury Sigma)
Meanwhile There Are Letters: The Correspondence of Eudora Welty and Ross Macdonald, edited by Suzanne Marrs & Tom Nolan (Arcade)
Forensics: What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA, and More Tell Us About Crime by Val McDermid (Grove)
The Lost Detective: Becoming Dashiell Hammett by Nathan Ward (Bloomsbury)

Best Short Story
"The Little Men" by Megan Abbott (MysteriousPress.com/Open Road)
"On Borrowed Time" by Mat Coward (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, June 2015)
"Sob Sister" by Loren D. Estleman (Detroit Is Our Beat: Tales of the Four Horsemen, Tyrus)
"A Year Without Santa Claus" by Barb Goffman (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, January/February 2015)
"Quack and Dwight" by Travis Richardson (Jewish Noir, ed. Kenneth Wishnia, PM Press)
"A Joy Forever" by B.K. Stevens (Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, March 2015)

Sue Feder Historical Mystery Award
The Masque of a Murderer by Susanna Calkins (Minotaur)
A Gilded Grave by Shelley Freydont (Berkley Prime Crime)
Tom & Lucky (and George & Cokey Flo) by C. Joseph Greaves (Bloomsbury)
The Lady from Zagreb by Philip Kerr (Putnam)
Secret Life of Anna Blanc by Jennifer Kincheloe (Seventh Street)
Dreaming Spies by Laurie R. King (Bantam)

Friday, June 3, 2016

What Aunt Agatha is Reading

The bad news is that Aunt Agatha has been experiencing a a run of technological mishaps. The good news is that I've had the time to make a sizable dent in my "to-be-read" pile. All of the books I've included here are the most recent releases in some of my favorite series. Have you read any of these?

The Woman in Blue (a Ruth Galloway Mystery) by Ellie Griffith
When Ruth's Druid friend Cathbad sees a woman in a white dress and blue cloak late at night in the local cemetery, he thinks he's seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary. But the next day, a young woman wrapped in blue cloth is found murdered. Then a friend of Ruth's, an Anglican priest, has been receiving threatening letters. Is there a connection?

While the mystery is somewhat slight, readers of Griffith's series will certainly enjoy the backstory of the various characters: DCI Harry Nelson and his wife, Michelle; Ruth's precocious daughter; and Cathbad and his family.
I really enjoyed it.

When Falcon's Fall (a Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery) by C.S. Harris
Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is visiting a seemingly tranquil Shropshire village, ostensibly to honor a slain friend, but also to search for his own ancestry. But when the body of a lovely young widow is found on the banks of the River Teme, a bottle of laudanum at her side, the village’s inexperienced new magistrate turns to St. Cyr for help. Was it suicide or murder. This intriguing, historical mystery series is set during the colorful Regency period.

Journey to Munich (a Maisie Dobbs Novel) by Jacqueline Winspeare

This twelfth novel in the New York Times bestselling series finds psychologist and investigator Maisie Dobbs on an undercover mission for the British Secret Service. Maisie is sent
to Hitler’s Germany in this thrilling tale of danger and intrigue.

The Maisie Dobbs series began in the years following World War I when she returns to England afterserving as a nurse on the front lines. The series is now up to 1938 and the world in on the brink of another dark abyss. Maisie has flowered over the years and it's always interesting to see how her cases have contributed to the growth of an amazing character named Maisie.

And finally for something a little lighter in tone...

The Art of Murder (A Dead-End Job Mystery) by Elaine Viets

If you're looking for some laughs and haven't read any of Viets humorous mysteries, you are really missing out! On the run from a despicable ex, Helen Hawthorne came to South Florida, working
dead-end jobs for cash under the table. Now she's a PI, working a different low-paying job undercover in each novel.

A promising artist is murdered. Is the killer her jealous ex-husband? Best friend or an art rival? Helen is hired to snoop around the mansion-turned-museum where the suspects all take part in a painting class.