Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bond is Back!

You've got to love this prolific Brit! Anthony Horowitz has written across so many mediums -- novels, TV, theatre, films, and journalism. He created two of my favorite British television crime dramas, Foyle's War and Midsomer Murders, and wrote several episodes of Agatha Christie's Poirot. Horowitz is the author of novels for adults and young people, including the Alex Rider teen spy series. The Conan Doyle estate commissioned him to write two new Sherlock Holmes stories, The House of Silk (2011) and Moriarty (2015).

Horowitz was commissioned by the Ian Fleming estate to produce a new James Bond novel based on previously unseen material written by OO7's creator. Prior to the 1962 film, Dr. No,  Ian Fleming was working on television series that was never released. Based on Fleming's unpublished manuscript, Horowitz has crafted a brilliant adventure to satisfy Bond fans, old and new.

Revisit the golden age of James Bond in his late 1950s world of danger, fast cars, smashing women, and sadistic villains in Rigger Mortis. Following his defeat of Goldfinger, Bond returns to London with Pussy Galore, but he's soon swept up in a Russians plot to sabotage a Grand Prix race in Germany. Expect to see familiar faces such as M and Moneypenny, as well as a new "Bond Girl," American agent Jeopardy Lane.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kenneth Branagh Climbs Aboard the Orient Express

It was just announced that Kenneth Branagh will direct a reboot of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express for Twentieth Century Fox. Branagh will also step in front of the camera as well, taking on the role of Hercule Poirot.

Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg, Mark Gordon and Branagh are producing the film. Michael Green (Blade Runner 2) is writing the screenplay.

Agatha Christie's 1934 novel takes place onboard the famous train and features the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. The book has been adapted for film a number of times including the 1974 version starring Albert Finney, who was nominated for an Academy Award. David Suchet has portrayed Poirot on British TV for over 20 years.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Michael Connelly Releases Another Winner

When it comes to one of Connelly's books, I find I'm a binge-reader -- I have a great deal of trouble putting the book down and find myself reading long into the night. The latest installment in the Bosch series was released earlier this month and I was quick to get my hands on it.

In The Crossing, detective Harry Bosch teams up with his half-brother, Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller. Bosch is reluctantly retired from the LAPD. When defense attorney Haller asks Harry to take on an investigative role in one of his cases, Bosch feels that by agreeing, he'd be going over to the "dark side."

Against his better instincts, Bosch takes the case and turns his investigative prowess to reviewing the evidence of Haller's case. As he gets closer to uncovering the truth and without the backup of his LAPD badge, Bosch finds himself the target of a vicious killer.

I don't know if there's anyone out there who has not picked up a Michael Connelly thriller, but if so, do yourself a favor and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


That Amazon -- always on the cutting edge! Imagine, a brick-and-mortar building filled with books that you can actually hold in your hand before buying.

Amazon opened their first bookstore in Seattle earlier this month and I hope this is a new trend. There's nothing I enjoy more than browsing in a bookstore!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

New Mysteries for November

So much to be thankful for this month! There's a whole cornucopia of riches being released in November -- a new Michael Connelly and a Robert Crais; favorite authors; and soon-to-be favorites.
I see many to add to my reading about you?
  • The Special Dead [Rhona MacLeod] by Lin Anderson
  • The Guilty [Will Robie] by David Baldacci
  • The Lies that Bind [Maeve Conlan] by Maggie Barbieri
  • Away in a Manger [Molly Murphy] by Rhys Bowen
  • The Chocolate Falcon Fraud [Chocaholic] by JoAnna Carl
  • All Men Fear Me [Alafair Tucker] by Donis Casey
  • All Dressed in White [Under Suspicion] by Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke
  • The Promise [Elvis Cole & Joe Pike] by Robert Crais
  • A Specter of Justice [Sam Blackman] by Mark de Castrique
  • The Crossing [Harry Bosch / Mickey Haller] by Michael Connelly
  • One Man’s Flag [Jack McColl] by David Downing
  • Heirs and Assigns [Herbert Reardon] by Marjorie Eccles
  • Numero Zero by Umberto Eco
  • The Sundown Speech [Amos Walker] by Loren D. Estleman
  • Tricky Twenty-Two [Stephanie Plum] by Janet Evanovich
  • Home by Nightfall [Charles Lenox] by Charles Finch
  • Trimmed With Murder [Seaside Knitting] by Sally Goldenbaum
  • Murder By Kindness: The Gift Quilt [Quilted] by Barbara Graham
  • A Different Lie [Silver Bear] by Derek Haas
  • The Girl in the Ice [Konrad Simonsen] by Lotte & Søren Hammer
  • If Anything Should Happen [Kit Doyle] by Bonnie Hearn Hill
  • Death on Demand [Peter Shaw & George Valentine] by Jim Kelly
  • False Nine [Scott Manson] by Philip Kerr
  • South of Nowhere [Julia Kalas] by Minerva Koenig
  • Fender Lizards by Joe R. Lansdale
  • Crucifixion Creek [Harry Belltree] by Barry Maitland 
  • Miss Ruffles Inherits Everything [Miss Ruffles] by Nancy Martin
  • The Mulberry Bush  by Charles McCarry
  • A Likely Story [Library Lover] by Jenn McKinlay
  • Bloodline by Warren Murphy
  • Unforgiving [Henry Christie] by Nick Oldham
  • Hidden [Nicole Jones] by Karen E. Olson
  • Yappy Hour [Roundup Crew] by Diana Orgain
  • A Christmas Escape [Christmas] by Anne Perry
  • American Blood [Marshall Grade] by Ben Sanders
  • Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue [Gaslight] by Victoria Thompson
  • Blind Reef [Richard Mariner] by Peter Tonkin
  • The Code Busters Club, Case #5: The Hunt for the Missing Spy [Code Busters Club] by Penny Warner
  • The Puffin of Death [Gunn Zoo] by Betty Webb
  • Second Skin [Daniel Turner] by Michael Wiley