Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good As Gone

I personally love suspense novels with plenty of action, interesting characters, and exotic locales. Especially if those interesting characters are speeding around European capitals. If you feel that way as well, look no further that Douglas Corleone's debut thriller, Good As Gone.

Simon Fisk is a former U.S. Marshal whose life was shattered six years ago when his young daughter was abducted. That one horrendous act permanently scarred him -- ruining his life, his marriage, and his career. These days Fisk works as a private contractor,tracking down and recovering children abducted by estranged family members. His one rule is he'll never take on a stranger abduction job.

That is until Fisk is "persuaded" to take the Lindsay Sorkin case.  The six-year-old child was taken from her parents' hotel room in Paris. The trail left by her captors leads Fisk into the dark corners and seedy streets of several European cities.  Will he find Lindsay in time?

Douglas Corleone has written a non-stop action thriller with a good many twists and turns. A portion of the action takes place in Poland, an untapped locale for intrigue, I thought. Good As Gone is released August 20th, so pick it up if you want an exciting read for the summer.

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