Wednesday, July 17, 2013

R.I.P Dianne Day

A little piece of San Francisco's heart was lost when mystery author Dianne Day passed away in Eureka, California on July 11. Ms. Day was the award-winning author of the Fremont Jones San Francisco mysteries.

Her books take place just prior to and following the historic 1906 earthquake. First in the series, The Strange Files of Fremont Jones (1996), introduces a spunky young woman who leaves the stuffy confines of Boston to become a "typewriter" in turn-of-the-century San Francisco.

Other books in the series are Fire and Fog (1997), The Bohemian Murders (1998), Emperor Norton's Ghost (1999), Death Train to Boston (2000), and Beacon Street Mourning (2001).

Her books brought Victorian San Francisco alive, making the city as much of a character as any of
the other inhabitants of her stories. I have always been drawn to San Francisco and her colorful history. I remember gazing at the ruins of places like the Sutro Baths and wondering what it was like to visit in 1906. Thanks to Dianne Day's marvelous storytelling, the baths and other sights of Old San Francisco were illuminated in my mind.

I highly recommend this San Francisco series to anyone interested in a good read with a historical setting. Her books were always a joy. She will be missed.
Read an interview with Dianne Day here.


  1. I just heard that Dianne Day had passed away and I am so sorry, I loved her Fremont Jones books, she made turn-of-the-century San Francisco come alive for me. And Fremont Jones was such a wonderful, vibrant character.

  2. I was her doctor in her final years. I still haven't read her books but she was, herself, an amazing and beautiful character of great depth.

  3. Brenda Dane just read Strange Files of Freemont Jones and really like the character. Hope I enjoy the rest of the series as much.